Wednesday, January 16, 2008

UFO's and the Pleiadeans

In my course of checking out documentaries on my favorite online site for movies, documentaries and such I ran across one video on a favorite subject of mine - UFO's.
Boy, did 1 hour and 42 minutes just fly by? This video has Billy Meier from Switzerland as the subject. He was approached by the Pleaidians way back in the 70's and was given the grand tour by them travelling across the Galaxies and allowing him to photograph his travels. Wow, forget Gulliver's Travels because this would be the modern day version of the adventures I'm into! Actual photgraphs and film footage of him and the "friendly visitors" from a neighboring planet in our Galaxy. Why, they are only 400 million light years away.....same Galaxy, isn't that like the same country? ;P

All the visitation stopped in 1978 because of something so stupidly human that we do all the time - FIGHT FOR POWER between individuals - hindered the progression of more learnings for this privileged individual that not even the Secret Government had any proof or information about. How lucky! Can I be next, please? I gotta watch what I wish for, because the Universe has been very happily obliging! yeeeeee! I had that thought when I was in that Crop Circle in August I tell you.

You can find out more by watching it yourself! Very enlightening! Believable? You discern. We follow our own heart in matters that resonate within. Whether it is real or not, it is quite a tale that makes us think that we are not the only intelligent beings in the Universe.....
...and that we better get with the Program if we know that Great Phenomenons like this get stopped because of our stupidity? FIGHTING FOR POWER between individuals ? Oh wait! That sounds like the basis of our WARS in the World right now.......It's between us! We are just needing to get it together PEOPLE!

Peace starts within US...and the World then changes.

Believe it. Live it! NOW!

Those other Intelligent Beings out there are wondering what we are doing?
Why don't you put yourself in their position looking down on us and make your observations...........

A wonderful abundant planet with crazy people fighting for dominance and power! Hmm, they don't see their abundance, we could totally just use that for our own good then. We wouldn't be wasting any real spiritual souls down there....


A wonderful abundant planet with evolving Spiritual beings caring for their One beautiful planet......treating each other as family.....because we really are ONE.

Think about it....and how powerful your thought is!

Namaste's the video documentary.

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