Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Crazy over Crop Circles in Cremona

Adventure date: August 25, 2007

Crop Circles? and we're not in England, Toto? Yes!

How about Alberta...far from the English countryside where crop circles are just a normal everyday thing that now attracts tourist dollars and the locals just see it as their special vistors. Well we are not there..........Welcome to rural Alberta, Cremona that is!!

A very Worldy event brought out the "visitation"? The interesting thing is that this Crop formation appeared on or around the July 18th worldwide "Fire the Grid". Of course, I didn't hear about this until a few weeks later through many different circles of friends. It isn't something that is usually talked about, but neither is it a normal thing to have Crop Formations appear near me?!!

This article has taken me a bit to write since I was told that this information shouldn't come out after we had our adventure. I heard the Crop Circle society here in Calgary didn't have much to say about it. This kind of bothered me and I pondered on this for some time. But here I am 6 months later, knowing that this should be presented and to make aware the very things that the media does not pick up for....fear? .... or just not good enough to show the public? So much has happened since this trek into that field that morning, that everything is coming out now!! :) Tune in for more exciting things in this blog. Pssst.....Subscribe to the RRS feed.

Going in...............
The messages were profound for me during that walk in and feeling my sixth sense really tingle with much information being picked up. Being attuned helped me pick up many messages that resonated with the rest of the gang afterwards in reflection! Excellent! You gotta love the new era we are in where we are learning to become more attuned to our Cosmic connection of some sort. Here are some of interesting insights:

- I noticed that during my sojourn in the formations I received my own message "We are closer than you think" as I questioned the very aspect of this anomolie right here in rural Alberta! Can "they" hear me? :O

- Upon looking up, two Canada Geese were flying overhead,.....so closely that I can see their feathery bodies and form. Strange, as I usually only see them in their group formations flying really high overhead. The other strange thing is that they flew over again going the other way, and again really close, later in the morning.

- Upon reaching one of the circles, I found the middle patch and stood there, then noticed the warm air softly shooting up my pant leg. I didn't feel that at any other time. I walked a few feet away to see if there was any difference in temperature and it appeared that it only came from that particular spot. Some of us felt the energy the strongest in this particular area and we decided we would center ourselves here and get a "feel" for what messages may come about.

- in conclusion, the messages of "HARMONY - Yin/Yang" were solidified with the others confirming that. The circle we were in formed a somewhat yin yang symbol as well.
The symbology of Two, Duality, Yin/Yang, Male/female energies
Message: Realize the Duality in our World and work towards the greater harmony within and with others in our journey here now.

I found that this message was something that was what most of us was working on here now, not only within the group but humanity in general. The greatest obstacles/challenges we are all working towards is harmony and how we do that is finding the BALANCE of that within our Self. Self-realization and the understanding that when we have the Peace, Balance within, the World reflects that very Nature as well.
Symbology: Two geese, flying very closely overhead, twice - once each way! Presumed male & female geese. Two, duality, yin/yang,

Exiting the field.........

Upon our exit we came across a lone Rosehip plant directly in front of our exit. Knowing this wasn't a rare plant, but a very special particular "One" that stood out for us....we decided to pick the berries for each of us.

Entering the other side..........

We drove a bit up the other side and saw an entrance of sorts - no fence! Nice! So we stopped and got out heading into the tall brush. My ankles noticed the uneven ground we were on , and the really thorny thistles slapping me in the thighs as if to say this was just going to be a "rocky and prickly state we'll get ourselves in." Without so much of a word the two ahead of me got the same message from "up above". Those thorns hitting me were enough of a message! We were grateful for the time we were able to be in there! :D

heading back to the van........

I came across some of the wild plants that grew in particular spots. I got the message to come closer and photograph them, they told me they were "Star Seeds" and they looked exactly like that to me. I found out later, they are clover. (Hey I am just still learning). :D

Then the thistle wanted to be photographed. :D

Symbology: these wild plants are herbs that nurture our system, our human body. Use them to heal the body, mind & spirit....

THISTLE - healing properties:

ROSEHIPS - healing properties:

CLOVER - 1) Star seeds, the name some of us give of our "visitors" that came and made the formation. 2)

Reflection time............off to Big Spring Hill Provincial Park to contemplate and
My Revelations from all the Symbology of the day!


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