Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Intriguing.Real.Secrets No More

Guided by much, information comes at me from different sources and Truth seems to want to surface and I'm glad I wrote the article I did yesterday regarding ET's and the Crop Circles. Knowledge seems to be at the forefront in this arena right now. For what more information there is, and there is lots, it seems neverending. But then again, to unearth years of secrecy....there is lots of information for the taking!!

I hope your journey involves unearthing secrets of the Self that may bind us and hold us back from becoming Who We Truly Are. Secrets that hinder our expression of Truth, that hold our hearts from being "hurt again" synopsis so popular in our human relationships. The time is NOW to bring forth, step forth into You.

It is not about us changing, but evolving into everything We are Meant to Be. -eM

How intriguing to say the least my interest in the Niburians and Planet X over the last 3 years has been an interesting side thing of mine, and realized my father nonetheless had the same interest!! He would tune into Art Bell every Sunday on the Coast to Coast AM, now with George Noory. That always came on on Sunday midnight and I know it irritated Mom terribly since he would fall asleep to that. Mom would have to contend with listening not only to his snoring but also the "weird" stuff that George chats about with his guests. Eventually I got him earplugs so Mom can sleep. As for the snoring we have yet to fix that. :D But hey, 40 years of marriage....I'm sure that they are just fine! :)

I found the co-relation of the Evolving of Self with the onset knowledge of Universal Truths, Universal Laws and how we can also learn from something much bigger than our Human Race. We can't be ignorant to what we are being fed on TV and the media. (Thank God I don't have TV once again!) So I welcome all types of information from the open source Web. Hope you enjoy!

Anyways, this article was more about the Secrets held within everything we know to have been true to us for so long. All that is breaking up now and Truth is what we are all seeking! Self, Government, our evolving asks us to be open and seek Truth in all manner.

Walk with courage in your journey and the Truth presides in Knowing moreso Who We Are.

The Disclosure Project. (Extraterrestial Presence)

Official Disclosure related websites:

YouTUBE clips:

ET's - Humanoids

Multiple nations around the world are beginning to make their UFO records public & G7 nations are arranging contact!

CNN reporting on the Disclosure Project:

CBS Interview w/ Disclosure Project witness Dan Willis:

clip on the 57 Extraterrestrial races that were cataloged by 1989:

!^The Legend of Atlantis^! (an essential documentary)

~Fastwalkers~ (official Disclosure documentary)

There's so much more, but why not indulge in these for now!


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