Wednesday, February 13, 2008


EMF's - Electro Magnetic Frequency EMR's - Electro Magentic Radiation

Both types are derived from Frequency bands coming from Cellular phones, cordless phones, microwaves, electricity, appliances.......all types of equipment that requires electricity. Not avoidable, but we can help our own Self in being CONSCIOUS of our environment. We may not actually SEE these frequencies but they do EXIST!!

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How interesting that we are noticing now the profound effects of all the EMF's being radiated throughout our atmosphere! I, myself, have noticed that I am becoming sensitive to the EMF's and can only handle working on the computer for short periods of time before fatigue sets in...and I need a nap....while some would probably go and get some coffee or a soda to coutneract. It's been quite the challenge to share this information with others, but we need to start on our own fronts and continue to verbalize and "share" versus "dictate" the health concerns.

The Safe Wireless Initiative has a Medical Alert out on EMR's with Worldwide articles found in our own Home country.
I found articles in Canada that pertain to my Government and Media responses to EMF's and EMR's safety standards and research, you can find yours here too.

And the website: Dirty Electricity
for articles and safety precautions and also online shopping for the Stetzer Filters that have helped many to filter and counteract the effects of all this DIRTY ELECTRICITY.

More to come!

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Anonymous said...

I've had a rough few year,was diagnosed with throat cancer nearly 2&half year ago,although I've come out other side I'm left in pain from the op,partially disabled in my right shoulder,and avnt got any saliva glands left due to radiotherapy,all that and never smoked. And now I'm in real pain from a crushed disc that's trapped a nerve, I'm going thru a testing time and I'm seeing these triple numbers so regular,I was freaked out at first until I googled it & found this,I hope I'm destined for better things to come, anybody reading this my advice to you is to love those who deserve to be loved and eradicate those who bring you grief,and try be happy & positive in your life,and do what I do when I'm depressed and think there's always sum poor bugger worse off than you & be grateful. Much love.x